If you have any problems with payment, please see the "How to pay for an order" page. If you have problems with your accounts, you can contact the contacts below (please do not duplicate messages).

In the daytime, according to Moscow time, almost always at the PC. If I don’t get in touch right away, then I’ll get out later, don’t worry, we’ll definitely answer everyone and solve the problem as quickly as possible (we can’t be online 24 hours a day either), it won’t always be prompt.

Contacts you can contact

The main channel for communication is TamTam:

- TamTam -

- Discord (in the discord itself) 1Akki24.Ru - Account shop#6133

- Discord - (link to go)

Skype for communication:
- Skype store manager: live:.cid.3b0b97efb5fb9bc5

- Skype chat: write to the store manager, add to Skype chat

Telegram for communication:

- Store manager:

- Store management:
- E-mail:

No E-mail or Telegram? - no problem! Write to the ticket system.

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